Josephine Bonair is the brand founded by fashion designer Barbara Di Lorenzo, complete and refined artist, lover of art and interior designer. Now she works in partnership with Joseph Nicolas Everett, canadian fashion designer who studied Haute Couture in Paris and for 22 years has been the creative director of the famous brand Didier Parakian.

Their collaboration was born from the fortunate encounter between two kindred spirits: as in a mirror, they recognized in the other one much of themselves. Not an unnecessary doublet, rather that rare chance to be themselves squared.

Complementary and tight-knit, together they managed to give to the maison Josephine Bonair, from the stylistic identity already well structured thanks to the innate talent of Barbara Di Lorenzo, a totally new expressiveness in the field both of ready-to-wear that haute couture.

Combining their own personal experiences, skills and passions, just as the logo of this brand suggests, an elegant butterfly, the maison Josephine Bonair spreads one's wings with notable refinement and charm and its collections are exciting for the vibrant and experimental allure translated into clothes characterized by seductive and attractive volumes, cuts and colours.

Admire them in all their glory on the catwalk is always a spectacle: the basis of every creation is an inexhaustible and passionate quest of the Absolute Beauty

expressed by gowns absoltely surprising thanks their original and cutting edges hapes and silhouettes that depart from a structure or a classic inspiration then completely transcended, turning it into a whole new subject.

Creations signed by Josephine Bonair wear the heart and soul of today's women: romantic and delicate creatures with strong and bond personality, authentic living oxymorons, suspended between dream and reality, brave virago who know how to assert herself and get herself off without ever giving up, however, their femininity and most intimate desires.

And just by powerful oxymorons is characterized  Josephine Bonair' style: ancient and modern, classical and avant-garde tradition and experimentation are all balanced in perfect harmony in its superb collections that love the game of contrasts, surprise effects and coupe de theatre.

Sumptous embroideries light of authentic splendour dresses able to enhance the feminine silhouette with an unequalled tailoring and an unconditional love for the high craftsmanship especially handmaded.

Fashion is art and Josephine Bonair is synonymous with art in motion that we see everywhere in the world there is a refined, seductive and self-confident woman, able to wear with the right attitude these iconic creations realized by a brand that adores playing with overlays, transparencies, asymmetries and sinuous and hyperbolic cuts. They seduce eyes and heart thanks their baroque and sumptuous mood.

Because elegance is seduction, charm, mystery. Never just simple appearance and who choose to wear a dress created by Josephine Bonair knows very well that the elegance that shines outside is the purest reflection of that inner inside.

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